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     In various teaching orders, it is said that when someone devotes themselves to the sincere study of numerology, the Soul who had been incarnated as Pythagoras will show up as a Spirit Guide.​ This does not necessarily include people who want to use numerology as a parlor game to impress others. Pythagoras shows interest in those who pursue the study as an approach to genuine spiritual understanding.

     This is what happened. We can question whether or not the Entity was actually Pythagoras, but he became a major influence in my life. Contacting him through meditation and contemplation became automatic. He also appeared quite regularly in dreams. Eventually, his presence could be felt when simply diddling around with a calculator, and when doodling numerical patterns with pencil and paper.

     After 12 years of sincere but rather lackadaisical study of the subject, somehow the smoldering embers of interest were fanned into bright flames. The next two years brought insights and understanding not previously imagined.

     Around the 14 year mark,  major quantities of bits and pieces were put together in cohesive form within a matter of minutes while waking up one morning. When entering the Dawning State (when you're poised between the dream worlds and this one) you can remain in that state for awhile and receive input from other Beings -- like Pythagoras.

     Upon emerging from the final dream of the night, he was already there, standing solidly and holding out a big sheet of graph paper. It displayed my own numerology chart in a format previously unknown, but which I still use today. The number patterns had all been color-coded according to my interpretations of color psychology. I remained in that state as long as possible, and then made a beeline for the living room, where pencils and graph paper awaited.

       The next few months blurred into a whirl of activity in charting friends, associates, clients, acquaintances, family members, piano students, famous people, and just about anybody who popped into view. I kept digging deeper with a broader scope, gaining a higher perspective.

     Okay -- deeper, broader, higher -- that's 3D. But with the continued guidance of Pythagoras and other teachers, this soon became multidimensional. Within a year, I didn't even need to "hang the shingle out" and "go pro" with this newly discovered modality. Popular demand made it happen all on its own. 

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Two of Wands

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​The Earthly Journey of the Soul

Soul Purpose Readings


Queen of Dogs

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The Hermit

​a.k.a. The Adept

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    In 1976, I encountered a variety of spiritual teachers in the search for understanding. Life had thus far proven to be agonizingly chaotic, so it came as a great relief to find Beings in the flesh and in Spirit who could help steady the ship of state as it launched onto the Cosmic Sea. We are all captains of our own ships, and I finally accepted this axiom. Teachers and guides can function as lighthouses in our lives, but we station ourselves at the tiller.

     The journey of recovery would seem arduously long in human terms, but a mere blip to the Soul. If Soul Purpose readings would have been available then, what would the crazy young guy in his 20's have done upon learning that his Soul's Path involved experiencing what Saint John of the Cross called The Dark Night of the Soul? With no clue as to what was really happening, I plunged into the Dark Night and trudged through it in about one year. And now there was even more healing to do.

     The primary path I had chosen guided me step by step with a staid system, initiation after initiation, leading to the experience of total Soul Consciousness. This was called Self Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda. It involves fully conscious transcendence of all physical, emotional and mental planes, including what is often known as the Void. The resulting entrance into the realm of Soul itself can shock the "lower" bodies, but the phenomenon will radically change your life...even your Life with a capital L.

​     This occurred in July of 1990, and a few months later Pythagoras unveiled the numerological template for Soul Purpose Readings. Coincidence? Maybe not.

     Self Realization served as more than a slap across the face with a wet towel. This cosmic but human wakeup call demonstrated how unprepared I had been, while thinking the exact opposite. The time had come to get real.

      The following phase of spiritual unfoldment included a number of significant advances, most notably a complete immersion into contact with the collective of intergalactic multidimensional Beings with whom I had traveled to this galaxy, and of which I had "always" been a part. Contact led to public channeling sessions, and the learning curve took a whole new direction; lots of directions, in fact.

     The flurry of spiritual development prepared me -- yes, actually prepared me for the next major initiation. It bears the designation God Consciousness (or Realization). The term sounds overblown to some, but the  description fits. Whereas Soul Consciousness gives you the awareness of being the Essence of Infinity (which we all are), God Consciousness gives you the experience of being all of Infinity -- in full electric awareness.

     There is only the One Infinite Energy Field, and we are all The Field, because there is nothing else to be. We all choose our own times for awakening to ourselves as The Field. For some of us, the time is now.

Another Numerological Awakening

Or Another Phase of the Awakening

​Or a More Literal Numerological Awakening

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King of Cups

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Queen of Cats

Before enlightenment:

chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment:

chop wood, carry water.

     During the 1976 explosion of conscious evolution, numerology came to the forefront. The subject had been only of minor interest until it suddenly became an object of fascination while reading a biography of Albert Einstein. While he had never presented himself as a numerologist, he certainly qualified as a mathematician who did indulge in mystical contemplations.

     Einstein occasionally used a three word sentence: "Everything has substance." As he lectured, he often encountered people who could not imagine anything beyond the predictable billiard balls of Newtonian particle physics. The real action was occurring in the midst of the particles, but these folks couldn't seem to understand that there was actually something there; something with substance; something playing the game of causation; something any inquiring mind would like to learn about. 

​     In this bio Einstein was quoted as saying, "Everything has substance. All substance vibrates. All vibration can be measured and assigned a relative numerical value, hence the universe expresses as a mathematical equation." My brain quickly translated this to mean that if it exists in our universe, it can be expressed in numbers. Pythagoras may have been right in proclaiming that "All is number." The experience of reading this felt like a bomb had somehow detonated inside my head.

​     Thoughts and feelings exist. Dreams and visions exist. The same would apply to all notions and ideas, extending into and through the reason and purpose any Soul would have in choosing to incarnate in this world. The possible applications loomed endlessly in my imagination. "Hmm...maybe it would be worthwhile reviewing those numerology books." And so it began...in earnest.

​     The Pythagoreans insisted that "Number rules the universe." Perhaps so. From that magical moment forward, Number certainly ruled mine.

​​The Numerological Awakening

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Ace of Swords

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Two of Wands

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Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

The Early Years

Childhood sucked.
The Sun in a tight Square to the Moon?
Saturn and Pluto in the Fourth House?
Geez...gimme a break...

Redeeming features of the early years:
1)  Music Education and Performance Experience (piano and voice)
2)  Exposure to Astrology throughout childhood
(Mom was into "Kitchen Table Astrology", mainly to help her cope with me.)
 3)  Theatrical Training and Performance Experience
(Neptune in the Fifth House:
 Yep, that kid could get on stage and cast a spell over the whole audience.)
4)  Hobbies and healthy activities were encouraged...
...time out!...
At first, this looked like it was going to be a really short list,
but it now threatens to become ridiculously long.
...maybe childhood didn't suck that much, after all.
On the other hand, there was all the abuse.
Yeah, well...whatever.

And there was one other curse/blessing/problem/gift:
I had come into this Life without the Veils being pulled all the way down,
so my perceptions hardly ever fit into the world I was being taught was "real".

Young Adulthood

Actually, young adulthood was replaced by delayed adolescence.
The abusive part of childhood caught up with me here,
so the fragmented personality and subpersonalities played roles
ranging from radical hippie to self-righteous Bible student.
At age 19, an overwhelming Cosmic experience was exactly that: overwhelming.
It amplified the imbalances already in play.
While the zest for life expressed itself primarily in the drug scene,
the Fear Factor weighed in heavily in the illusory safety of Ministerial Studies.
A particular Inner Knowing about the two extremes haunted me: 
 It told me that the drug experiences provided the lesser of the two illusions.
Yes, meditating after getting stoned led me closer to Reality.
Throughout this game of Heart versus Mind,
my heart leaned earnestly toward the consciousness expansion.
As we boomers often say:
"If you remember the sixties, you weren't there." 

A mercifully brief career as a Christian Minister
 carried me to the portals of Mysticism in 1976.
Much of my resistance to Spirit got blasted to smithereens
 in an explosion of Conscious Evolution.
Pastoral Counseling morphed into Spiritual Readings,
 the Music became Celestial,
and the Sacred Sound Healer emerged into earthly manifestation.

The Cosmic Journey on Earth

  Here's the short version.
In the interim, I've worn a relatively wide variety of professional hats:
astrologer, numerologist, spiritual reader and teacher, pianist, vocalist,
 piano teacher, sound healer, channeler, writer, lecturer,
 past life regression therapist, theatrical actor and director.
I've thrown myself into the world of Metaphysics with a grand passion,
and it shows in my work.