The Heart Breath

A Technique From the Proterrian Channelings

The multidimensional/extraterrestrial collective known as Proterrian tends to express comical perspectives on our world. Since we make little if any sense to these Beings, their humor stands forth as their hallmark. In the midst of the fun, however, gems of information are shared.

Several years ago, The Heart Breath technique came out while Proterrian was playing a game called “If I were an earthling”, sung to the tune of “If I Were a Rich Man”. If these Beings incarnated among us, The Heart Breath is something they would utilize. The technique has resurfaced, being emphasized in the last several channeling sessions. Proterrian has even been guiding the audiences through the procedure.

Conceptual Backdrop

Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell “Safe!” Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign. Another quirky human teaching claims that we must complete the quest of yelling “Safe” in the fifth dimension before we can freely access our higher spiritual energies in the realms beyond. Proterrian chuckles at this notion.

In the midst of all our glorious dimension-juggling antics, we seem to ignore ourselves as two dimensional Beings, and certainly as one dimensional Beings. Proterrian further suggests we start at zero. The Spirit that you are, is not of any specific dimension or set of dimensions. Spirit creates all cosmic planes, dimensions, universes, matrices and whatever kinds of realms exist in this thing called Infinity.

The Heart of the Matter

The pure essence of your Spirit resides in the center of your heart chakra. Your highest spiritual energies can be accessed in your heart center, where you exist as a zero dimensional Being.

In explaining this at last month’s channeling session, Proterrian gestured to the spotknown to some as the High Heart, a few inches up the sternum. After a pause and aglance around the room, Proterrian moved the hand down to the traditional heart chakraat the base of the sternum, noting that a few people might feel it there instead. Wherever it is, find it. Feel it. Relax into it.

In this sacred space, you are simply the Spirit you truly are. You are a focal point of and for the Infinite Spirit that creates and maintains all universes, which means you are a living essence that cannot be influenced, manipulated or violated on this level by any third or fourth dimensional creature. Your true nature is Divine Love, the very essence of the Infinitude Itself.

Breathe In the Out

On one level, The Heart Breath seems like an ordinary breathing exercise. But a key difference lies in where we direct our attention. Remember the old adage: where thought goes, energy flows. Especially if you practice anything like yoga or meditation, it is easy for you to find an appropriate position for a breathing exercise.

As you relax your belly and slowly breathe into it, shift your attention away from your physical breath. Focus on breathing the Universal Love energy out in all directions from your heart center as your physical body expands due to the physical inhalation that you’re not focusing on. Feel the Love. Breathe the Love. Be the Love, and let it fill your energy field from within. What you are sensing is your true self as a zero dimensional Being.

While the body exhales, you can appreciate the extent to which the Divine Love has penetrated your field. Relax more deeply into the experience. Allow your awareness to waft freely in the perceptions and sensations, and then to drift gently back into the next wave of Divine Essence flowing out from your heart center when the body inhales.

This shift in focus will feel perfectly natural for most people, and it will be easy to maintain something that feels this good. In and of itself, this may suffice, but it often helps to give the monkey mind something to play with; something that will enhance the process.

Your First Dimensional Self

Here is an important distinction: this is not visualization. This is tuning into something that exists and is happening easily and naturally.

Flowing through the channels of least resistance, the Love Essence emerges from the heart center in gently curving lines. For those who enjoy getting technical, there are 54 of these lines flowing out of your heart, and 54 flowing back in. Our focus at the moment centers on the outflow, so tune into one of the lines of energy emerging from your heart center.

This line is you as a one dimensional Being. At this level you are a direct expression of the Divine Essence; pure and inviolable. Everything you will ever need for healing and evolution is contained within this Essence. Although there are some really beautiful manifestations of your Spirit in the “higher” dimensions, those are merely outgrowths of what you are as a first dimensional Being.

Your Second Dimensional Self

These curving lines of energy begin to interact and create two dimensional geometric patterns. This process is continuously supported by breathing the Universal Love out from your heart center.

This is you as a two dimensional Being. At the level of two, we can begin exploring relationship. As in physics, everything is all about relationship.

The one may not grasp the concept of “other”. The one is what it is. If it encounters another, the one may think, “Gee. There’s another me.” But the two distinguishes its own unique expression, and seeks to relate with various diverse expressions of the same Divine Essence.

Your second dimensional self can thus be influenced, although it cannot be manipulated or controlled by the unscrupulous creatures that haunt portions of the third and fourth dimensions. Any inappropriate influences on the second dimension can be casually swept aside or realigned by The Heart Breath. Here you have the full power to choose Love over fear, Wisdom over ignorance, and Reality over illusion.

As a two dimensional Being you can choose Divine Grace, because as a one dimensional Being you still are Divine Grace. The Heart Breath flows this Grace into your second dimensional self without obstruction.

Third Dementia

You may have guessed the next step in the sequence: the lines of energy radiate the Divine Love from your zero dimensional self in your heart center out through your first dimensional self, from which these lines unfold into second and then third dimensional geometries. And here your good old 3D humanoid shape can be imbued with your Spiritual Essence.

The unfoldment continues into “higher” dimensions, but here in Third Dementia we
encounter significant blockage. Here we have been manipulated beyond our current
understanding; in so many ways and to varying degrees.

This blockage is based in fear, and the root of it all is primal fear; not fear of anything
in particular or even of things in general; simply the crude, raw lack of awareness of our
Universal Essence. But primal fear is merely Divine Love that is currently ignorant of its own truth.

If we breathe Divine Love from our heart center into the pockets of fear, the illusion of fear will dissipate and the reality of Love will emerge.

Prodigal Energy

As in the parable of The Prodigal Son, we simply welcome the fear back into its natural state, which is Love. Our darkness recognizes its true nature, which is Light.

There is no judgment, condemnation or rejection. Nothing gets amputated or sent to a fiery abyss. We simply bring these previously frightened parts of ourselves back into alignment with the loving universe.

In some instances, we may encounter the presence of entities, thought forms or other manifestations that would best be cleared away. But for the most part, The Heart Breath simply welcomes lost parts of ourselves back Home.

We can regard any physiological or psychological discomfort as a slumbering portion of our Essence asking us to help it reawaken. If that is all the blockage actually is, then The Heart Breath will swiftly, smoothly and gracefully reintegrate the energy. Tension signals the presence of fear, so feel free to make adjustments and to breathe into any spot holding stress. Welcome it home. Feel its relief and its gratitude.

Fourth Dementia

For some of us, the fascinating part of The Heart Breath awaits us beyond Third Dementia. Our awareness can follow the flow of Divine Love into and beyond our fourth dimensional selves.

In Fourth Dementia, we learn to navigate the murky waters of our subconscious. But with continued application, we find that persistently carrying the Light into our darkest recesses will gradually purify the waters that have lain stagnant for years, decades, lifetimes or eons.

Our creative powers can be unleashed, allowing us to return to being cause rather than effect in our own lives. We can choose the Path of the Infinite Spirit, as it explores this realm or any of our infinite possibilities.

To Infinity and Beyond

The flow of your Divine Essence will continue into your fifth dimensional self and beyond. You can become a full embodiment of Love, Light and Life Energies directly from the Heart of Creation. Your Heart is the Heart of Creation, because you are the Creator of your own Universe.

You are the Infinite Spirit Itself playing a game called “If I were an earthling.” In the midst of the game, you may find The Heart Breath a handy tool to have in your kit.

Proterrian often apologizes to the earthling audiences, saying things like: “Oh, we’re sorry. That’s too simple. Now if we can only make it complex enough, maybe you can get it.” The Heart Breath simplifies healing and evolution, which can be graceful and elegant in magnificent simplicity.

     Anyone who has followed this blog, watched my videos or had sessions with me knows how much I love the Sat Yam Meditation as a method for releasing grief, anger, frustration, and/or fear, whether from this life or other lifetimes. Well, Tim has given me another tool to share with you. It’s called “The Blue Room,” and it works well for any relationship that you suspect old karmic ties may be influencing. As a past life reader, I’d have to add here that MOST relationships at this time have some sort of karmic tug to them. So many of us are here to finish and release old business that it’s pretty safe to say all your close family, friends and work relationships have some sort of karmic something affecting them.

     The nice thing about The Blue Room meditation is that it does not involve “cutting” cords or ties. Rather, it functions as an energy exchange and rebalancing. So many karmic techniques involve actually cutting old ties, and sometimes we don’t want someone completely out of our lives. Sometimes we just want to love them … now … without all the past life craziness. The Blue Room allows this to happen in a graceful, gentle way.

Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula:

A Simple Guideline From the Proterrian Channelings

The multidimensional/extraterrestrial collective known as Proterrian has noted the Earthling propensity for asking “how” questions. When Proterrian expounds on our infinite possibilities and our probability lines, people in the audiences will often ask for the instruction manual on how to achieve whatever Proterrian is suggesting as a reality we can create. These folks are basically asking for an explanation of how to evolve, or how to become what we truly are. How? How? How?

In such cases, Proterrian likens the Earthling Humanoids to young strawberry plants who are fretting over how to make strawberries. In a voice mimicking an overanxious, almost hyperventilating human, Proterrian will say something like: “They expect me to make strawberries, but I’ve never made strawberries before. Oh, my God, what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to make strawberries. How do they expect me to do that? Look at me: I’m all green and leafy. Strawberries are red. Where would I get the pigments? I have no idea what to do.”

Proterrian’s 3-step formula for young strawberry plants: “One: you’re in the earth. Two: you have water. Three: you have sunshine. Done deal. It’s part of your design.” Everything will unfold according to its design.

First, A Specialized 4-Step Formula

Before we delve into Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula, we will cover their formula specifically designed for the “how” questions. It has come to the point that any time an audience member asks a “how” question, Proterrian immediately responds with this formula:

1. Access thinking dictionary.
2. Go to “H”.
3. Scroll down to “how”.
4. Delete from dictionary.

The Ultimate Answer

Ranking right up there with “The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything”, Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula covers the vast majority of “how” questions, and perhaps covers all of them regarding our quantum leap in evolution. How can we ascend? How can we transmute? How can we become what we are designed to become? How? How? How?

People with complexity addiction may be extremely disappointed by the beautiful simplicity of Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula:

1. Come from a loving heart.
2. Put one foot in front of the other.
3. Walk in Faith.

Although this requires no elaboration, it may not hurt to indulge in a little, if only to keep the Monkey Mind happy.

Step One: Come From a Loving Heart

In 1980, I had a t-shirt made with iron-on letters, sporting my definition of love: “the vibratory essence of everything that exists”. In the early 90’s, it became obvious that we had lots of theoretical physicists and others from the scientific realm interfacing with us weirdo mystics, and many more to follow. To welcome them into the fold, I added a second definition of love: “the energetic essence of the unified field of infinity”. For some people, the words “of infinity” are redundant, since we are talking about The Field. But there are others who have not come to grasp the concept, so we can regard “of infinity” as repetition for emphasis.

David Icke words it quite elegantly: “Infinite love is the only truth; everything else is
illusion.” The New Testament distills it down to three words: “God is love.”

If our motives in life spring from the purely unconditional divine love, we are automatically aligning ourselves with the Infinitude.

Step Two: Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Be here now. Live in the present moment. We have heard this literally for millenia. When we are living in the Magic of the Now, we are not concerned about where we are going to be twelve steps from now, or five hundred steps later. By contrast, if our consciousness is scattered across an illusory timeline, we are not presenting ourselves as prime candidates for transcending linear time.

Infinity is always right here, right now.

Step Three: Walk in Faith

When we accept ourselves as part of infinity, we can proceed with full confidence that we are unfolding into direct expressions of the spirit that creates and maintains all universes.

As Proterrian loves to express it in an almost thunderous voice: “Thou art God.” This
is followed by a comic pause, with fists on hips. “Now act like it!”

 Your Game Review

Life on 3D Planet Earth: according to Proterrian, this amounts to nothing more than a virtual reality computer game, an MMO RPG (a massively multi-player online roleplaying game). And the only reason we are here experiencing this life, is because we have become game addicts.

Once upon a dimension, you and your friends were strolling through the Cosmic Gaming Arcade, and you happened upon a strange-looking game in a dimly lighted corner. The artwork for Life on 3D Planet Earth abounded with improbable creatures and incomprehensible symbols. Curiosity got the better of you.

The Right Hook

You slipped a token into the slot, and played for awhile, puzzled as to what this game could be. None of it made any sense. Who would create a game that hardly gave the players any options? Before long, something weird happened, and the game announced you were “dead”.

Huh? What did “dead” mean? You had no clue, except that your icon would no longer function no matter how you clicked on it, and the game indicated that you only had two more “lives” left. Those “lives” passed quickly. However, your curiosity had been piqued, so you slipped another token into the slot.

You had never imagined that a game could be constructed within such narrow parameters, but a few tokens and a lot of frustration later, you started figuring out a few ways to evade that goofy “death” concept, and to prolong your “lives”.

The Left Jab

With so much focus crammed into such miniscule parametric quantities, portions of your consciousness began to feel fuzzy, grow numb and fade out of mind. You had no use for all of that awareness in the game, anyway.

Although your options barely existed, the game itself simply teemed with different ways it could “kill” you. This quickly led to an obsession with avoiding “death”, which for some odd reason seemed to be inevitable anyway. You wavered between weariness with the monotony and fascination with devising clever strategies for staying “alive”.

You might have quit, but you made a momentous move that triggered a surprise announcement from the game: “Congratulations! You have won a Free Life.” What a concept! Now, all you had to do was figure out exactly what you had accomplished to win your “Free Life”. Tokens and “lives” flew by, and soon you were concocting schemes to win those delectable prizes.

You could not fathom what it meant to “compromise your integrity”, much less to “sell your soul”, but those tricks worked like a charm. You developed an arsenal of utilitarian tools. You had already mastered the basics: fear, lust, ignorance, arrogance, anger, judgment. But upon that foundation, you now crafted your “lives” with finely tuned instruments: deceit, manipulation, usury, malice, greed, hatred. Man, you were on a roll…toward loss, pain, grief, depression, and other surefire ways to score points.

Hey, You!

Some of your friends wanted you to join them in playing other games or to explore another part of the arcade, but you merely expressed annoyance at having your game interrupted. “Leave me alone. Don’t break my concentration.” Ignoring your friends became a key part of succeeding in the game.

The fact that you had become socially dysfunctional never registered with you. Nothing mattered but the game, and winning more chances to “cheat death”. Now there was a concept that scored points.

Your friends finally gave up and walked away when they witnessed you jumping into the air and triumphantly shouting, “I won seven free lives!” And somewhere…in some foggy matrix…a game developer intoned the word sucker

Time Out

We interrupt this analogy to return to Proterrian, who has just illustrated how the soul itself became addicted to this MMO RPG called Life on 3D Planet Earth.

The soul became mired in the illusions of this world over the course of eons, and eventually accepted ridiculous notions, like: we are here to learn something. Proterrian incessantly reminds us that we are part of the Infinite. “And as God, what is there you really need to learn? Nothing. Learning something is merely a structure of playing the game. You don’t come into this world to learn. You come into this world to forget, and then to play the game of remembering.”

Getting Wise to the Game

Proterrian notes that many of us are awakening within the game, and we find ourselves wondering why we ever thought this was a cool game to play in the first place. We are glancing around, refocusing our eyes and shaking our heads, because we can even see the background grid. We are muttering things like, “Too many glitches. And the colorization is off. And when it comes right down to it, the graphics really suck.”

Using another analogy, Proterrian likens us to avid gamers, rather than addicts. Of course, we’re avid. We are working for the prestigious Cosmic Gaming Magazine, and we are studying this game with due diligence, because we are preparing to write our game reviews. We are currently finishing the last round of play, and we are anxious to quit playing altogether, so we can expound with reliable authority. “Life on 3D Planet Earth: A Definitive Review.” Upon seeing our reviews in print, some of us look forward to clicking on Uninstall.

Reviewer Preview

According to Proterrian, the latest intergalactic poll conducted among the reviewers portends exceptionally low playability ratings. The developers may soon be seeking other employment.

Advance comments from various reviewers:

“The developers apparently took the concept of Crash and Reboot, and turned it into a game of death and rebirth.”

“The soundtrack will probably rank among the worst for several galaxies around. The jarring and grating noises disturb all neighboring solar systems.”

“If you are looking for nothing but addiction, this game is for you.”

“Interesting rough draft, but not quite ready for beta testing. Vast potential left undeveloped. Never quite got the hang of that loneliness feature.”

“This game is cleverly designed to suck the life energy out of the players, without the players being able to discern who ends up with their energy.”

“Unimaginative to the point that if banality were king, Life on 3D Planet Earth would rule the universe.”

“Divine Love, the Universal Essence, is replaced by something called fear. Joy is replaced by a strange idea called seriousness. Life is replaced by a device called entropy. The game requires massive amounts of energy to learn, and then you wish you hadn’t learned any of it.”

“This reviewer confesses to copping out before attaining Elite Level.”

All Spun Out

Proterrian marvels at the endurance of the Elite Level players. “Each of you has been racing for ages on the Hamster Wheel of Karma and Reincarnation. Indeed, you have been spinning your wheels in the mud for eons.”

The final steps: Click on quit. The game will ask, “Are you sure?” Click on yes. Write your review. Click on Uninstall.

And now for the burning question: As a professional game reviewer, how many stars will you give Life on 3D Planet Earth?

The Blue Room

by Laura Bruno

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I did not write the following article, but it falls into the "helpful" category...

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Reviewing Your Game Review
Introducing Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0

The previous article, “Your Game Review”, triggered a bit of confusion. In the Proterrian channelings, a clear distinction is made between “the game” and the Planet Earth, over which “the game” has been superimposed. “The game” is entitled Life on 3D Planet Earth. Proterrian channels a bit of “attitude” toward “the game”.

This multi-dimensional/intergalactic collective named itself Proterrian. In their Reality, these Beings are completely telepathic and have no use for names. We  Earthlings are the ones who seem to need names, so they looked into our linguistics and chose a name that means “Pro Earth”. However, Proterrian has never hesitated to add that Pro Earth does not necessarily mean Pro Human. They have repeatedly stated, “We are Pro Human to the very degree that the Human is Pro Earth.”

These Beings love planets. When they first beheld the spectacular beauty of the Earth, they were blown away. When they monitored the planet on the level of emotional frequency, they were blown away in the opposite direction. They saw an exquisite planet wrapped in a dark cloud of fear. “The game” is played within that cloud. In “Your Game Review” the sarcasm was directed at “the game”, not at the Earth.

What on Earth Is “The Game”?

Superimposed over the Earth, Proterrian sees a grid of barely conscious energetics. Human consciousness appears to be trapped within that hologram. This results in the analogy of “the game” which, in the film The Matrix, the character Morpheus describes as “the computer-generated dreamworld that has been pulled over your eyes.”

For millenia, humans have had a spell cast over them, so they live in a trance. They perceive little of their own reality, and therefore cannot see the planet for what it really is. The Earthlings bumble along in a miasma of amnesia, not remembering their spiritual identities, nor even their history as humans. In other words, the players have become so dumbed down, they can hardly remember anything they have done in “the game” so far. This phenomenon has crippled their ability to live in harmony with their own home. Besides, if you lack the ability to keep track of what you have done and what you are doing in any given game, you probably suck at that particular game.

By the 1980’s, physicists had grown aware of so many types and levels of energy, that they estimated that our nervous systems are only capable of processing about one billionth of the available energetic stimuli in our environment. This means we are only decoding an infinitesimal percentage of what is right here, right now.

Welcome to “the game”. Life on 3D Planet Earth 1.0 has become your number one addiction, to the point that it limits you to about one buzzillionth of your natural awareness, and then sucks on the rest of your essence.

The Proposed Upgrade

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 will offer players infinitely more options. The framework of Life on Planet Earth 1.0 simply cannot facilitate the proposed changes to basic gameplay, much less all the intricate variations. The old version of the game also needed to be hacked in order for the players to interface with the planet herself.

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 requires an entirely new game engine to provide a platform upon which to build the multi-dimensional gameplay system, including the option of playing either real time or turn-based scenarios. The new version of the game is designed for complete interface with the Planet Earth, Gaia, who helped our design team develop a whole new concept in Earth gaming.

As you undoubtedly understand, we are not talking about patches to the 1.0 version. However, essential patches and Earth-friendly scenarios for 1.0 are being made available now, while we anxiously await the release of the new edition. In “Your Game Review”, the suggestion was to uninstall the 1.0 version.

For those of us who love planets, especially this one on which we are incarnated, the next suggestion would be to follow the aforementioned uninstall with the installation of Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0.

2.0 Does Not Kick Ass

Version 1.0 kicked ass. If you feel you have not as yet had your ass kicked enough, by all means you have the right to play 1.0 until it sucks all the rest of your essence out of you, and leaves you enslaved as a transhumanized android in some pervert’s dystopia. Old scenarios like Zombie Apocalypse can still be downloaded for 1.0 diehards. If you lean toward such scenarios, we suggest you take the term “diehard” into contemplation; that is, if you have enough consciousness left to achieve a contemplative state.

Since the not-so-user-friendly developers of 1.0 based their design on fear, players found themselves in a maelstrom of either ass kicking or ass kissing; sometimes both simultaneously. Due to severe gameplay imbalances, ass kicking tended to manifest on the receiving end, while ass kissing tended to manifest on the giving end.

Version 2.0 eliminates both extremes. The new love-based game system will more than compensate for the former design flaw. After installing the Earth Editor, players will be able to design their own scenarios. They will find endless creative options for delightful heart-centered playing with asses, which will not include kicking, but may include kissing for reasons other than the standard 1.0 fare, such as the surrender of your inherent freedom as a Divine Being.

The Death of Death

In version 2.0, physical bodies will be referred to as Avatars. The Avatar Creation feature enables anatomical possibilities never dreamed of in the 1.0 system. Limitations have been stripped away. Shape-shifting will include gender-shifting, and the design team is presently engineering an add-on for more than two genders.

The 2.0 Avatars may look like significantly upgraded 1.0 bodies, but functionally there will be little if any resemblance. Perfect health in prime of life condition lays the foundation for infinitely advanced physical playability. The “Frozen Sculpture Model” of 1.0 will be replaced by the “Free-Flowing Energy Field Model” that will allow players to move in and out of dimensions with ease…and much, much more.

No time limits will be imposed. The Avatars will be able to vibrate into other dimensions without any requirement of returning, so the Death Dysfunction of 1.0 has no function in the 2.0 system. Proterrian insists that “No great cosmic law exists that forces anyone to leave a corpse behind upon leaving any dimension. Besides, that’s rude. Your friends and family end up saying, ‘Gee, thanks. Now what are we supposed to do with this thing?’ More evolved Beings tend to clean up after themselves.”

Proterrian observes that 1.0 players maintain “an undying faith in death”. Such 1.0 diehards instantly fear overpopulation as a result of eliminating the 1.0 death feature. However, 2.0 replaces the 1.0 blind breeding frenzy with co-creative consciousness.

Thus Spake Proterrian

“In the game of good and evil, many Earthlings want to blame the existence of their evil on a dimensional arrangement, or on a density level, and then frantically search for an escape hatch out of their own reality. They want physics to explain the existence of evil, instead of realizing that evil results from choices made by fearful entities lacking in consciousness. In their minds, these Earthlings want to destroy a realm of existence, which would amount to amputating a portion of the infinite body of God. Not only that, but it’s their own realm of existence these Earthlings want to destroy.”

To quote the article entitled “The Heart Breath”: “Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell ‘Safe!’"

Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign.

Proterrian asks, “If you break your arm, do you amputate it? No, you simply get an x-ray and have it realigned.”

Density About Density

“Earthlings exhibit a lot of density about density,” Proterrian continues. “Whatever your density level may be, there are infinite gradations of density above and below your level. This exemplifies a cute feature of infinity: You’re always in the middle. “There is nothing wrong with 3D. There is nothing wrong with any density level.

It’s all relative, and it’s all about choice. How would you create a fourth dimension or a sixth dimension or a tenth dimension without a third dimension? Please explain the mathematics behind your geometrical musings. We would be most amused.”

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 includes free access to all cosmic planes, universes, dimensions, density levels, timelines and realms. This feature precludes the imagined “need” to eradicate a whole dimension of a player’s reality. The Escape Hatch feature of 1.0 can stay with the old version. Someday soon, the 2.0 players will scoff at such notions, and ever-so-dismissively mutter, “Oh, that is so 1.0.”

Swami Pommie

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     I learned this technique from my favorite astrologer/numerologist/tarot reader and generally amazing friend, Timothy Glenn, but it’s so effective, I wanted to share it with all of you!

Since I don't run a blog, all my articles are posted

on​​ the blog of a dear friend, Laura Bruno.

​You can type Timothy Glenn in "Search this Blog".

​All pertinent posts will appear in order of most recent.

​Laura says that she isn't into mandatory anything, but if she were,

she would propose my article "Global Metamorphosis 2018 Update" as mandatory reading.

     Instructions: simply imagine yourself in a blue room. Blue floor, blue ceiling, blue lamps, blue furniture … blue everything …

     To be completely accurate, this photo would need to feature blue flowers, but it was the closest image I could find on short notice and I’m not a Photoshop guru! Anyway, you get the idea: BLUE. Surround yourself with blue.

     Next, tune in to whomever you want to invite into the room and welcome them to a blue seat. In your mind’s eye, calmly and sincerely explain to them that you would love to live in balance with them from now on. Tell them that you will be reclaiming any karmic energy of yours that has seeped into their being and that you will be returning any karmic energy of theirs that has seeped into yours. Perform the exchange and know that in doing so, you are ACTUALLY changing and rebalancing the relationship “in real life.” You can hug the person or just let them go. Whatever needs to happen will happen, and this does not necessarily mean they will disappear from your life. More than likely, the relationship will deepen.

     You can use this technique for individuals or you can create a huge room for groups of people you have less intense relationships with but want to ensure they remain/become balanced.

     I do a LOT of past life work, on myself and certainly in sessions. I’ve found many tools, but this is one of the easiest for people to use on their own. Sometimes people still “need” to hear the story or circumstances in order to let go of an ancient trauma, in which case, please do feel free to set up a session. I just love to empower people as much as possible.

     Thanks to Tim for sharing this wonderful technique. He’s my astrologer/numerologist/tarot reader of choice and also, coincidentally, the inspiration and information source for Tom Brown in the Schizandra Series.

Here are two side-by-side articles that were posted back-to-back in 2013.

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