Soul Purpose Readings


I talk to the human personality.

The numbers and cards talk to the Soul.

Somewhere in the middle,

the two can meet.

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​Please note: the office phone is an old-fashioned landline, and does not receive text messages.

Solar Returns/Birthday Readings
     Every year, the Sun returns to the exact place in the Zodiac where it was when you were born.  We take another snapshot of the sky at that moment, and that creates your Solar Return Chart.  It reads much like your Natal Chart, but is only in effect for one year.    

     At your Birthday, you also shift gears in your Numerological Cycles.  This Reading takes a little over an hour, and gives you a good weather report for the year.  The rest is up to you and that magic word: Choice.

     We also take into consideration some of the key transits occurring to your natal chart. After all, the planets don't stop in the sky when we're born, any more than the calendars stop flipping.

What's Happening? -- Transits & Cycles

     How are the Planets influencing you as they orbit through the Zodiac?  How are they influencing the Human Race, and how do you fit into that big picture?

    This Reading uses a variety of tools to help you negotiate your current cycles and passages. These tools can include Numerological cycles and name progression, aspects to your natal Astrology chart by planets moving through the sky, Tarot spreads or whatever. After several decades of this, I can wing it.

Tarot Readings

     Sometimes people prefer to step outside the charts, and trust to the cards. The Tarot serves as an excellent trigger for intuition. The archetypal images can provide insights not otherwise gained.

     Tarot spreads are often most helpful for honing in on specifics. An old teacher used to say, "If you can formulate the question, you can find the answer." The key here is to tune in to what you really want to understand about a situation, relationship, etc.

     The next step is placing the question or desire in an appropriate time frame. The cards will spell out a message and paint a picture.

Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling

     Still utilizing any of the usual tools or perhaps none of them, there are those who rely on my knowledge base and experience in life to help guide them through their evolutionary process. After all, we are now in the early phases of a literal quantum leap in evolution. Call it ascension, transcendence or whatever else you wish. The world will not remain as it has been, and neither will we.

     Most of the people who are attracted to a Soul Purpose Reading carry an awareness that millions up millions of us have come into the world at this time for a massive spiritual awakening. A huge thrust in evolution can often throw us out of balance. Our vision can become clouded. Sometimes it turns out to be the most basic Wisdom of the Ages that can make all the difference.

     These are the times we've been talking about.

Compatibility Readings

     For personal and professional relationships, we cover strengths, weaknesses, and potentials.  Pythagorean Numerology, combined with Astrological Synastry and Composite charts, can provide a depth of insight into relationship dynamics.  In such an emotionally charged area of life, it helps to add a dash of realism.

     Important: some restrictions apply. Compatibility Readings cannot be used by one person to gain advantage over another. This extends into parent/child relationships. There have been times I've declined to do readings for parents regarding their children. While there aren't any hard and fast rules, the principle of integrity must be assiduously applied here.

     It has been most common for couples (or other pairings) to have their Compatibility Readings done together.

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Readings usually last about an hour and a half.

You are welcome to record.

In the office, most people do an audio recording on their phones, and then take pictures of their cards.

For online sessions, we use Zoom. The device of choice is a laptop or any other device that allows you to record. When we log off, your reading will automatically download onto your computer.

Online or phone: $110 USD

At the office: $100 USD

On rare occasions, I travel out of town and do in person sessions: $125 USD

The Soul Purpose Reading

     The Soul Purpose Reading has one primary focus: why did you as a Divine Soul come into this particular Life?  You can navigate the waters of your current life more effectively if you have a feel for the reason you chose this incarnation.

     Esoteric Pythagorean Numerology forms the basis of the Soul Purpose Reading. The Astrology provides loads of extra detail, and helps direct the reading of the numbers. The Tarot cards illuminate the application of the numbers.

     You can find more perspectives on the Soul Purpose Reading on the Home page, and the background of its development in the Bio.


     The Soul Purpose Reading is a specialty reading, supplemented by insight and intuition that have been cultivated for decades.

     The vast majority of clients are satisfied with a single session. As you might imagine, the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. But we cover all essentials first time around.